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Ravensbreath Ghost Orphans

We are ghosts that haunt you through our dolls

The Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle

Ravensbreath watchThe Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle is part of a larger story currently in progress.

Two hundred years ago nine orphans perished at sea. Their spirits were captured and deposited in an old stone tower attached to a hulking castle atop a mysterious island in a hidden realm.

Within moments of waking and kicking beasts out of the way, they found they'd been abandoned by whatever force brought them there. Terror gripped their hearts and tears flowed. They were trapped between life and the hereafter where their loved ones had gone. Some of the orphans hadn't seen family since babyhood and all were anxious to join them now that living was no longer a option.

But time can be cruel for ghosts that are forgotten. With two centuries passed they began to fade. So they learned tactics to delay.

They made dolls of themselves that were delivered by those who could move 'between'. They need help from the living and sometimes they get it.......



we will haunt you forever

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