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We will haunt you forever

Hello. It has been an extremely long time. I haven't thought about you guys in a while, and I am ashamed to admit that. I have been caught up with my own ghosties! So, how are you all? Tell Percy I say hello! I am not sure if you remember me, but why not try anyways! That is all I have time to say, for my writing time is coming to a close. Remeber stay sad but not to sad!

Admin reply: Dear Miss Hope! Of course we remember you and are delighted you've come back!
Please don't worry that it's been a long time. We're used to it - waiting that is.

So much has happened we wish we could tell you about but we cannot. But you can tell us about yourself. You know we would truly enjoy that.

Thank you for remembering us Miss Hope.

We will always haunt you forever.
The Ghost Orphans - all of us! ;)

Added: March 31, 2017
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Oh goodness! I do so hope you won't disappear, that would be so very dreadful! How is that lace collar coming along? I bet it looks beautiful dear Boo!

Much love, Bren

Admin reply: You are very kind Miss Bren. Heavens, I completed that collar you mentioned long ago. I am presently on my seventy seventh. And that is this week only. I do find tatting calms the nerves.

Two things annoy me. One is that the others accuse me of having my head in my lace all the time, even whilst they chat with me. You'd think they might take a hint.

The other is my collars not worn by any of the golbins I've given them to and that would be hundreds, every size. I tatted for Molly's tiny horrid creatures and only a mere handful bothered to show them off.

Still, I suppose that is better than none at all.

Ta Miss Bren

Boo, haunting you forever

Added: January 14, 2017
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hey :!angel:

Added: August 22, 2016
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Dear Miss Bren,

I only just learned that you wrote to us and said kind things about me but oh dear! that was ever so long ago. You must have forgotten us completely by now. And I don't blame you.

I rarely come to this mouldy tower as it frightens me so. I'm here only quickly to look for web for a lace collar I'm tatting. It's for my shroud. The others chide me for wasting my time as I shan't be needing a shroud with us disappearing more and more each day. They say one day we'll wake up and find that we are gone. And ohhhhhh that is true!!!! There'll be nothing left of us to shroud!!!!! boo hoo hoo.

Still, I don't care. I shall do it anyway and leave behind a shroud with a lovely lace collar.

I think I heard something. Oh dear, I must fly!

Added: August 17, 2016
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Hello little ghosts! It has been many years since I've come to visit and I do hope you'll forgive me! I've always had a soft spot for dear Boo, how she is? I miss her so. Is Patch still playing his lovely tunes? I wish I had more time to chat but I must be off, I shall visit again soon my dear ones!

Added: May 7, 2016
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My name is Cry, and I've been a fan of all the ghost children since I was 14! I'm 19 currently, and Boo always took a special place in my heart. I'm so happy I stumbled across this page, it made high school livable. I hope one day to own a piece of work from on of the ghost children here! I'm so happy to see this site is still up and running. Thank you to all the ghost children, especially Boo for making me feel less lonely and afraid during school.

Admin reply: Dearest Miss Cry,

This is Annabel Lee. Boo began writing to you when she read your kind words, but she got choked up and her hand (the one she was writing with) nearly fell off for good. So I said, do you want me to pass your message on to Miss Cry and she said YES please! So I waited to write down what she wanted to say but all that kept coming out were great juicy sniffles. Then she walked away trembling.

I shouted after her, should I tell Miss Cry you said thank you for saying such kind things about you, but she vanished in front of me. Arrrrggg!

I was about to abandon the whole thing as I have better things to do when from the rafters above my head a note drifted down and stuck on to my nose. I tried pulling it off but could not. It was earnestly fixed! I was hopping mad! When I settled a moment to think what next to do my eyes caught words written on the note: 'Dearest Miss Cry, I shall carry your sweet words about me in my heart for all the time I have left and for eternity thereafter. Boo.'

And then the note fell off.

Next time she can write her own note.

Do come by again won't you?
We have faded a lot since you last visited but every time you come here it helps us.

Thank you Miss Cry!

The GOs

Added: February 10, 2016
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Hello, little ghost children. I don't know if you remember me, it's been ages since I visited. I hope you are all doing well, my little darlings. I promise to check in more!

Admin reply: Hello Miss Allie! We missed you! Thank you for coming to see us. We haunt you forever.

Added: February 4, 2016
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Hi you wonderfull little orphans, i hope all is good (or should i say dark & spooky) at Ravensbreath Castle, its really ice cold in the u.k with snow on the hills mountains fells & moors around cumbria, This new year brought me a calling the dark arts, a feeling of great weight taken from my shoulders it feels so right like my search is finally over but i wasnt searching for anything in the 1st place, my home has 2 spirits a lady from the victorian era from her dress & a teenage girl that i had seen a few times befor she passed on, she drowned in the swollen river trying to save her little puppy, (goosepimples all over my body right now)..and she lets me know when i offend her so i apologise for what i said then its all
good, so from my Ghosts 2 the Orphan Ghosts farewell goodbye and never let our spirits die..
:o :D

Admin reply: Dearest Miss SILVER*STAR*STORM,

How are you today? How are your 2 ghosts? We haven't seen them from here. But we are in a lost place so it is to be expected.

Where you live is much like our realm, only here so many things - weather, directions, people's faces - change in a blink so we never know. It's quite a bother but what can one do?

We are cheered when you who are living come to say hello as it helps keep us from fading even faster than we are.

Do come again. We will try to answer quicker next time - depends if the window between is open when we come check.

Haunting you forever,

The Ghost Orphans ~*~

P.S. we will let you know if we meet your two ghosts.

Added: January 17, 2016
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hi there ghost orphans I'm only new here so I don't know wot I'm doing xzz :!cry:

Admin reply: How do you do Miss Ema Lou? We're so pleased you found us and said hello. It's quite lonely with only monsters and each other to talk to you know.

Come visit again and tell us what you like to do in your living world.

And when you do come back we can haunt you again and forever too.

The Ravensbreath ghost children :)

Added: January 14, 2016
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Dear Percy and Boris the Beetle,
Did you ever get those Rick Riordan books I recommended? They are amazing. Tell Boris and the other ghost children that I said hi. Do you have any books fir me to read. Also, IN LOST A TOOTH THIS MORNING! One time, Annabel gave me a good haunting in a dream. That was random. I hope to read your story!
With love, Hope

Admin reply: Dear Miss Hope,

How kind of you to remind Boris and me of those certain books. It was Boris who remembered actually. He doesn't suffer the fate we ghost children do, of fading. Even our memories. He said I gave your list of titles to our goblin chum, Doolieratskin. He's a packrat chap and finds all sorts of things. Mostly rubbish, however. He is the only one we trust. Mind youI've not met half a goblin I truly trust.

I have found a treasure of a book which we are reading now. It is one from your world so I suppose Doolie brought it. Yes, Boris says he did. It is called Stardust and the author is Neil Gaiman. We are enjoying it very much. It says here that Mr Gaiman has written many others so we shall certainly add them to your list.

May I ask, Miss Hope, what did you do with your tooth which fell out? Do tell me it's still in your possession. Keep every part of YOU upon your person - teeth, toenail cuttings, used tissues, hair, or in a well hidden place. And always be mindful of eyes and noses and sensitive claws and fingers that probe in the night to steal them.

Boris and I must go. I shall give your best to the others.

Cheerio Miss. Haunting you forever,

Percy and Boris

Added: December 21, 2015
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