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We will haunt you forever

Boo, are you still making your wonderful collors? If so, i would like to know about them! They seem as amazing as the outside world! And Ratgirl, your plight is endeed very dreadful. I wish i had more to offer. But for now, all i have is my presints. You would understand that, wouldnt you? And also, tell Patch i said hello! The poor boy never gets mutch attention! Also, one last thing, if you will...

Boris, Sammy Lawrence, and I wanted to thank you. For giving us some of your time to talk to us. We are eneed lonely.
Its upsetting to be lonely, i see that now... of corse, ive been here 30 years! Dear, I cant even remember my creators name! Boris told me its Joey Drew. But, that doesnt have a ring to it. I wish i could murder him......
But this place cant run itself.
- with you forever, Bendy.

Admin reply: Dearest Miss Bendy,

Apologies for the long delays between letters. We're always in some pickle or other so it isn't easy to get here to write. You know how it is. You have the same troubles.
But we want to say how much we appreciate your visits and letters. You're very kind. And we need souls like you to keep us hanging on.

There's so much to tell you and much of it we're sure you'd like to hear, but we are forbidden to talk about it until we have permission. And that may be awhile.

I, Boo, was so happy you asked about my tatted web collars. They are quite difficult to make, especially when one's hands are half faded away. Quite difficult indeed.

Oh dear!!! They're calling me. I must go now but shall give your regards to Gweena (Ratgirl) and Patch. I know they'll be pleased you asked about them.

One of us will write again but I cannot say when. You can come visit our rooms anytime and we will know you're there, even if we're unable to write.
And always we will haunt you forever.
Boo and the other ghost children.

Added: August 11, 2017
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Im sorry i couldent get to you sooner, please dont be upset. And also, we are still surronded by ink. Boris is ok... but.. he is different. VERY DIFFERENT. He wants to protect the person who tried to kill us! My own pal, doesnt even want to be near me. I hooe your all doing well.

Forever yours, Bendy.

Added: August 8, 2017
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Dear Ratgirl,

My situation has gotten a lot worse. Everyone I know is disappearing! I don't know if there dying, or trying to get away from me. I wouldn't blame them... I have my ways. The workshop flooded a few days ago. A pal of my creator came into the workshop and turned the ink machine on. Now I'm surrounded by ink. But I'm used to it! Boris has gotten a bit better. He can walk now. He has been able to do everything that he used to. But something about him seems, off. But enough about me! how are you? Is everything ok? Tell the others I said hello!
~Bendy The Dancing Demon

Admin reply: Oh Bendy, your plight sounds dreadful!
It has been awhile since you wrote to us. We can only reply when we're able. You would understand that.
How are you now? Are you still surrounded by ink? How is Boris? I and the others would help you if we could.
It is horrible being lost in a strange world, isn't it?
Do let us know what is happening now and if you're both all right.
Haunting you forever...

Added: July 7, 2017
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Ratgirl, I am sorry I made that so sudden. I did not entend to push it to far. My apologies. Hehe! But you will all ways hold a place in my heart! It's been rough. My best buddie Boris, has been token apart by our creator. I promised him I will make the creator suffer! But.... I just cannot find him. I'm slowly losing ink. More and more of me is dripping away every day. This old place I call "home" is breaking. I am breaking. Then I stumbled across you and the other ghosts. You caught my eyes. I thought you were so beautiful! And I still do!

~ Your admirer, Bendy. :o

Admin reply: Cher Bendy,

Merci for your kind words to me. It means much.

I shall pray for your dire situation. It seems as desperate as our own.

We must never lose hope.

Haunting you forever,

Gweena Madalaine

Added: July 1, 2017
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Hi! I'm Bendy! I just wanted to tell ratgirl that she is beautiful! Your dress goes so well with your gorgeous hair! I don't know how to tell you but.. I love you! :o

Added: July 1, 2017
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Hello. It has been an extremely long time. I haven't thought about you guys in a while, and I am ashamed to admit that. I have been caught up with my own ghosties! So, how are you all? Tell Percy I say hello! I am not sure if you remember me, but why not try anyways! That is all I have time to say, for my writing time is coming to a close. Remeber stay sad but not to sad!

Admin reply: Dear Miss Hope! Of course we remember you and are delighted you've come back!
Please don't worry that it's been a long time. We're used to it - waiting that is.

So much has happened we wish we could tell you about but we cannot. But you can tell us about yourself. You know we would truly enjoy that.

Thank you for remembering us Miss Hope.

We will always haunt you forever.
The Ghost Orphans - all of us! ;)

Added: March 31, 2017
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Oh goodness! I do so hope you won't disappear, that would be so very dreadful! How is that lace collar coming along? I bet it looks beautiful dear Boo!

Much love, Bren

Admin reply: You are very kind Miss Bren. Heavens, I completed that collar you mentioned long ago. I am presently on my seventy seventh. And that is this week only. I do find tatting calms the nerves.

Two things annoy me. One is that the others accuse me of having my head in my lace all the time, even whilst they chat with me. You'd think they might take a hint.

The other is my collars not worn by any of the golbins I've given them to and that would be hundreds, every size. I tatted for Molly's tiny horrid creatures and only a mere handful bothered to show them off.

Still, I suppose that is better than none at all.

Ta Miss Bren

Boo, haunting you forever

Added: January 14, 2017
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hey :!angel:

Added: August 22, 2016
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Dear Miss Bren,

I only just learned that you wrote to us and said kind things about me but oh dear! that was ever so long ago. You must have forgotten us completely by now. And I don't blame you.

I rarely come to this mouldy tower as it frightens me so. I'm here only quickly to look for web for a lace collar I'm tatting. It's for my shroud. The others chide me for wasting my time as I shan't be needing a shroud with us disappearing more and more each day. They say one day we'll wake up and find that we are gone. And ohhhhhh that is true!!!! There'll be nothing left of us to shroud!!!!! boo hoo hoo.

Still, I don't care. I shall do it anyway and leave behind a shroud with a lovely lace collar.

I think I heard something. Oh dear, I must fly!

Added: August 17, 2016
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Hello little ghosts! It has been many years since I've come to visit and I do hope you'll forgive me! I've always had a soft spot for dear Boo, how she is? I miss her so. Is Patch still playing his lovely tunes? I wish I had more time to chat but I must be off, I shall visit again soon my dear ones!

Added: May 7, 2016
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