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We will haunt you forever

Hello ghosts!
I do have a tiny bit of news for you all. Good and bad. The good news is, well, it's of a secret. There is a ghost in the castle that I have had my eyes on since i first met him. And i finally got my shoes to snap back in place! Haha! But don't get to happy, they can snap again at any second :D . The bad news is, I don't have anyone to stick with like you said last time we spoke. How you all stay together without harm. And it's sad, Miss Annabel Lee, that not many like you! Your sweet as can be! But i'm sure we all have our moments. Such as mine. In those times, you should do as I! When others won't talk to me or look in my way, I go to a place nobody knows about, preferably the woods, and make items! I love to start fires or sit and think. But sometimes, I take my surroundings and use them to the max. I make bamboo nuses, stick gloves, and if i'm ever in the mood, sometimes i make little bug walls. I have no siblings or anyone to talk to. So i dearly appreciate the kindness you give to me, dear ghosts. I will treasure it no matter what. Your thought will always be in my heart. Well, catch you later ghosts! Tell patch i said hi! Haha! OH! I almost forgot! At anytime you like, I can make you all hoodies! You can even help me, Annabel! Also, Miss Madeline, i will make you a new dress if you want!

-Haunting you forever, Dawn.

Admin reply: Dearest Miss Dawn,

We've been busy here and haven't come to the window in a long while. I'll return soon as I can and write properly. I just wanted to thank you on behalf of all of us for saying hello. Till then we will try to haunt you harder so you feel us more. We are your friends, even if afar.

Annabel Lee
and the others

Added: October 7, 2017
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well, i see ya gotta new ghost now. heh. guess they like using _ghost_ like i do! thats cool. ratgirl, (gweena), im dearly sorry,,,,,, for i have not been as kind as you deserve. tell the others im sorry.

Added: October 5, 2017
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dear ghosts,

the workshop, well,,,,,, bad. one of the old creators named Henry, found out about an old place. alice angel, boris, and i notced something different. boris was helping henry, alice was trying to kill him, she took boris....... its upseting. i just wanna end her!!!!!!!!!!!! there is something new, the toy machine, and the twisted gang. such dispair and pity to be lost in a world with no hope left, were no one can here our screams :!cry:

Admin reply: Dear Miss Bendy,

My, you have had so much excitement. Almost as much as what happens around here. We hope you've come through it all right.
Can't stay long but wanted to let you know we are haunting you best we can and will try to write more soon as is possible.
Thank you for being our friend as we are yours.
Do take care of yourself.

All of us and me, Annabel Lee

Added: October 5, 2017
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dear ghosts,
i was only 11 ( its was my birthday ) when i died. someone in a black clothing appeard from the shadows. i was so frightend. none of the less, im so glad i have others who suffer like me to talk to. yes, there is a few monsters were i am. goblins mostly! there nice, but very dreadful. for you see, goblins have scales. it reminds me of the man who did this to me...... and the other monsters, (chained in a dark ally) love to pull over people and talk badly to them. they call me a ragdoll, and other names. mostly related to my dress or scars. there is another monster, the swolen ones. there just big slimy things. eek. there are no slugs here, at least on ground. there underneath trees and rocks.

-dawn :D

Added: October 5, 2017
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Hello All!
It is me, Emma. It has been a long time since I last wrote you all. I stumbled back upon your site again when researching ghosts for a class of mine. How are you all doing? I hope you are well! I hope to hear from you all once again!


Admin reply: Oh, Dear Miss Emma (Nicky) How very VERY pleased we are to hear from you!!! Pleased you've not forgotten us. But you can't really forget us because we said we will haunt you forever and we mean it.

Much has happened on the island since you were last here. Not so good either. But as always we are forbidden to speak of it. :!devil:

You're studying ghosts for your class? Did you find many? They weren't the wicked kind hopefully. You must be careful. I expect you know what you're doing. But take heed that even amiable spirits such as ourselves are not always to be trusted.

Please tell us all what you've been doing when you can.

I'm off to give the others your message. They will be so happy to hear you wrote us.
Ta Miss Emma!
Haunting you forever,
Annabel Lee

Added: September 26, 2017
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Hi! I know this is fake and all but can i be part of th story? name: dawn age: ??? likes: roaming the woods dislikes: SLUGS! EEW! featurs {old human form}: pale skin, blue eves, white dress doll form: blue eyes, pale face and a dirty white dress hair; blonde :)

Admin reply: Dearest Miss Dawn,

I will tell the others about you. They will be delighted you've found us. You sound like one of us too. I hope where you are it's not as horrid as here sometimes.

I loathe slugs also. Especially stepping on. They don't like it either.

Are there monsters where you are? I hope not. But if so, the best thing is stick with others. That's what I have to do. And some of them don't even like me. But we're in this together so we look out for one another.

If you're alone please come here and chat. We're your friends now. But don't despair if we take a while to get a message back. Openings 'between' are rare. In any case, we see your message and think of you and hope you won't forget us either.

On my deathday I was 13. That was so long ago and I am still 13. May I ask your true living age? The others will want to know because if you're living you get older and we stay the same and it's hard to keep track.

Ta la Sincerely,
Annabel Lee
and the other ghost children of Ravensbreath Castle

We will haunt you forever Miss Dawn

Added: September 15, 2017
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Oh, it really has been simply too long. I fear I have come too late, to speak you all once again. But I have not forgotten, I found dear Gweena's locket, the one I received so long ago. I remember you all, I miss you. I hope you have not faded.

Admin reply: Oh, Dearest Miss McKenna!

We replied to you a while ago but somehow the message vanished. We hope you read it but if not I, Annabel Lee, will try to recall what it said.

We are so pleased to hear from you. Been so long. We talk about you all the time in the castle and did wonder how you've been. Gweena has missed you ever so much but do you know who brings your name up the most? Patch. It's true. He never NEVER talks about anyone, particularly young ladies. I suspect it might be your pirate stories. One time I saw him reading something. I peeked over his shoulder, he had copied your stories on paper a rat goblin brought him. He was fiercely angry with me that I saw but I promised not to tell anyone. Oops, I just told you. But not the others. Thought you would want to know.

I know Ratgirl is happy you found her locket. Better to haunt you forever with.

Ta la Miss McKenna

Added: September 11, 2017
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I'm dearly sorry ive not spokin in a while. Do be aware I'm trying my hardest to talk and help everyone in this workshop. You matter more than anything. I try to take time to talk. To hear your lovely voice. I'll talk as soon as I figure things out. Also, please ask Anabell Lee if that was her I saw in my dream. I say the castle, and someone, I think it was Boo, was in the window. Glaring at me. I was not afraid. Something was telling me to go forward, but I kept my distance.

-Forever yours, Bendy.

Admin reply: Dearest Miss Bendy,

How are things in your workshop? It's me Annabel, not Ratgirl. I happened to be here as a window was open to send messages. It so seldom is you know.

It probably was me in your dream and your description of the face in the window sounds like Boo. She scares everyone.(Don't tell her I said that). Just be thankful she wasn't screaming out the window.

Haunting you forever
Annabel Lee

Added: September 9, 2017
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Boo, are you still making your wonderful collors? If so, i would like to know about them! They seem as amazing as the outside world! And Ratgirl, your plight is endeed very dreadful. I wish i had more to offer. But for now, all i have is my presints. You would understand that, wouldnt you? And also, tell Patch i said hello! The poor boy never gets mutch attention! Also, one last thing, if you will...

Boris, Sammy Lawrence, and I wanted to thank you. For giving us some of your time to talk to us. We are eneed lonely.
Its upsetting to be lonely, i see that now... of corse, ive been here 30 years! Dear, I cant even remember my creators name! Boris told me its Joey Drew. But, that doesnt have a ring to it. I wish i could murder him......
But this place cant run itself.
- with you forever, Bendy.

Admin reply: Dearest Miss Bendy,

Apologies for the long delays between letters. We're always in some pickle or other so it isn't easy to get here to write. You know how it is. You have the same troubles.
But we want to say how much we appreciate your visits and letters. You're very kind. And we need souls like you to keep us hanging on.

There's so much to tell you and much of it we're sure you'd like to hear, but we are forbidden to talk about it until we have permission. And that may be awhile.

I, Boo, was so happy you asked about my tatted web collars. They are quite difficult to make, especially when one's hands are half faded away. Quite difficult indeed.

Oh dear!!! They're calling me. I must go now but shall give your regards to Gweena (Ratgirl) and Patch. I know they'll be pleased you asked about them.

One of us will write again but I cannot say when. You can come visit our rooms anytime and we will know you're there, even if we're unable to write.
And always we will haunt you forever.
Boo and the other ghost children.

Added: August 11, 2017
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Im sorry i couldent get to you sooner, please dont be upset. And also, we are still surronded by ink. Boris is ok... but.. he is different. VERY DIFFERENT. He wants to protect the person who tried to kill us! My own pal, doesnt even want to be near me. I hooe your all doing well.

Forever yours, Bendy.

Added: August 8, 2017
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