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Halloween at Ravensbreath




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Ravensbreath raven

Annabel Lee, Ghost girl of Ravensbreath Castle

My name is Annabel Lee. That is my doll you see above. We nine ghost children make dolls in our image so you can see us.


I wish you could come here to Ravensbreath Island. Would you if you could? Some Living folks have been here you know. It's all in the book we're writing. We're not supposed to talk about it. My brother Percy says it's too dangerous. He says we might encourage you to try to find us but you would never find this island unless you are meant to. It's invisible.


I wish you could though because everyone has forgotten us. And you know what happens to ghosts who are forgotten - they fade away. Precisely what is happening. Drat!


So I say, if you can find us, if you can see our island, will you come and help us? I can't promise you won't be killed or turned into a beast but if you're very clever and quick like we are then we all might have a chance to escape at last.

Please try to come.




Ravensbreath Island is a hidden land of secrets steeped in magic.


Ravensbreath Castle is a stone ruin of twists and turns and buckets of slime. Prison to nine orphan children who perished at sea more than two hundred years ago.


Those children, now ghosts, haunt Ravensbreath Castle but they are not alone nor are they helpless against the creatures who prey upon them and the innocents who try to help them move on.

The ghost children possess rare talents and woe betide the blood suckers and bone chewers who challenge them.


But time is running out. If they don't escape soon they will fade away forever. All hope of joining their families in the hereafter will be destroyed.


And what of their Living friends who try to help? What chance do they have against mysterious creatures with appetites for warm flesh and beating hearts?


Until all is revealed there are things you can do to slow the ghost orphan's fading. Coming to this site and learning about them is one way, owning a ghost doll or piece of haunted jewellery is another. Spreading the word to other Living folk and reading their book when it's finished is an excellent solution.

You can also chat with the ghost orphans in their ghostbook guestbook. There are many ways.


But be warned - once you get to know them


they will haunt you forever


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