Annabel Lee, one of the Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle, Story and Film by M Leigh Allan
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Boo, screaming ghost orphan of Ravensbreath Castle

The Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle are the children of Ravenbreath Island, a story set in a haunted castle in and enchanted world, by M Leigh Allan.

Boo, Haunted girl Ghost Orphan of Ravensbreath Castle
Boo the screaming haunted ghost girl of Ravensbreath Castle

Boo the Banshee they call her. She screams at everything. A beetle sneezes, she screams, a drop of rain falls on a window ledge, she screams.

Boo the haunted ghost orphan of Ravensbreath CastleBoo, Ghost Orphan of Ravensbreath Castle by M Leigh Allan.

For Boo screaming is as common as blinking.

Boo the haunted ghost orphan of Ravensbreath Castle

Boo ghost girl, afraid?

Boo is as pretty as Gweena Madalaine (Ratgirl), some say even more, and prettier than Annabel Lee, but a complete bag of nerves. All the children worry about vanishing forever but none take it as hard as Boo.

Boo the ghost girl

Boo, the haunted Ghost of Ravensbreath Castle, her hand wasting away

Time had sloughed off most of her arms and nearly all of one leg. Surely she would be the first of the ghost children to disappear if the time comes. Is that Boo's fate?

Boo the screaming ghost girl

Time is running out for all ghost children in that limbo land.

Boo would scream to raise the dead

Boo has a habit of drifting through the castle silently and her sudden appearance startles the others who in turn startle her and then she screams to raise the dead.

bell Boo

One day someone thought to bell her like a cat, as a warning that she was drawing near, but when Patch (whom she fancied) presented a rusted old bell on a chain as a gift and tried to place it around her bony neck the tinkle of it frightened her so that the sound of her shriek left Patch half deaf for a week.

Patch the pirate ghost boy

That episode was one hundred and seventy five years ago, and the thought of the others and Patch plotting against her, with bell tricks and such, forced Boo into her own little solitude. Patch never spoke about it but he meant no harm.

Boo, the haunted Ghost of Ravensbreath Castle

Boo's paranoia and frayed nerves grew steadily worse over the years and every little thing made her shriek, even the innocuous 'snip snip snip' of Tinker's scissors as he went about the business of castle and ghost repair.

Ghost Boo is a mystery

Boo the screaming ghost girl

What will become of Boo?

Boo the wee ghost doll

There is much more to Boo's story and will be revealed in time.

Boo will haunt you forever




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