Percy, Haunted Ghost Orphan of Ravensbreath Castle, by M Leigh Allan
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Percy, ghost orphan of Ravensbreath Castle, and his zombie beetle Boris

The Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle are the children of Ravenbreath Island, a story set in a haunted castle in and enchanted world, by M Leigh Allan.

Percy, Haunted Ghost Orphan of Ravensbreath Castle

Percy the ghost boy of Ravensbreath Castle

Percy the Ravensbreath ghost boy on a settee

Percy the ghost would prefer to read the newsleaf

Percys Book with Boris the beetle

Percy poor Percy. He would have preferred to sit in a corner and read the island newsleaf until his final days, but unfortunately he was the only spirit willing to associate with Annabel Lee and play her strange games such as hanging from the chandelier in the Great Hall and that was because he was her brother.

Percy the haunted Ravensbreath ghost boy


Percy the haunted ghost boy

Though a timid and quiet boy, Percy would lose his temper if his pet beetle Boris was mistreated or got loose somehow. The two loved each other and were inseperable.

 Boris the zombie pet beetle

Boris, who was a semi-dead, zombie beetle, lived in the comfortable pouch Percy carried over his shoulder. One day Percy put the pouch down, just for a moment, which was something he rarely did because he feared Boris would be stolen, but his underdrawers had gotten in a twist and he needed to straighten them.

Percy the haunted Ravensbreath ghost boy

It was in that half a millisecond that Boris and the pouch went missing.

The Ravensbreath Scholp Goblin brothersWhile Percy's back was turned two knuckle-head junk goblins called Shclop had come along. They were crying, heya heya but Percy was so occupied with his drawers he didn't hear.

One brother picked up the pouch and tossed it onto the wobbly cart while the other collected Percy's newsleaf for the pulper to grind into ant food and toothpaste, then the two rambled off to their next rubbish stop, heya heya!

Boris the zombie beetle

Needless to say, Percy was livid when he discovered his beloved beetle gone. Where was he? He looked all around but couldn't see. Percy gave a painful shout. He was shattered.

Percy shattered at losing Boris the beetle

No one thought Percy would ever eat or sleep again. He sulked for hours. Fortunately Boris's whereabouts were soon discovered and he was quickly returned and Percy tied the beetle's pouch to his thin arm.

Percy lost without Boris the zombie beetle

It was weeks before the Shclop brothers dared emerge from hiding and when they did it was in disguise. The boys stayed that way until the end of their days, two oak saplings pulling a cart full of junk and yelling , heya heya!

Percy the ghost boy

There is much more to Percy's story and will be told in time.

Percy the ghost doll of Ravensbreath Castle

Percy will haunt you forever




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