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Tinker the Fix-it boy, ghost orphan of Ravensbreath Castle

The Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle are the children of Ravenbreath Island, a story set in a haunted castle in and enchanted world, by M Leigh Allan.
Tinker the Fix-it Boy, Haunted Ghost Orphan of Ravensbreath Castle

Tinker the ghost fix-it boy of Ravensbreath Castle

Tinker the haunted ghost boy of Ravensbreath Castle

Tinker the fix-it ghost boy is Toby's twin brother. The boys were eight on their deathday and the age they remained.

Tinker could be nervous

Unlike easy going Toby, Tinker is more high-strung, as anyone might be with undulating tentacles of muscle, bone and blood sprouting from their wrist.

Tinker's tentacles (in wire form)

Tinker sometimes loses it

Needless to say, tentacle management could be quite a strain for Tinker and sometimes resulted in losing his temper.

And should he become distracted....

Tinker tangled up with his tentacles

could result in a nasty tangle.

Tinker struggled

It was always a struggle.

Tinker would get caught in the weirdest places

When Tinker was still alive his tentacles were a source of embarrassment and often got him in trouble. People mostly avoided him. The rolling coils were considered hideous and a nuisance, especially as a few of the strands seemed to have a mind of their own, rippling out at townsfolk passing in the street, even wiggling into stranger's coat pockets. More than a few times Tinker had been hauled up before the magistrate for pick pocketing only to be let off with a warning and grunt of disgust after presenting the oddities to the court.

Tinker the fix-it haunted ghost boy of Ravensbreath Castle

He did his best to keep them tucked under his fur sporran when sent to the village shops but it was futile. A fist full of tentacles was like a bundle of ferrets, only far far feistier.

You can see an example how Tinker's situation might cause him anxiety in Annabel's nightmare movie,
The Bogey Monster of Ravensbreath Castle.


Heers our song too Miss Annabel.
if you like it plees tell us.

(Song 'Not While I'm Around', from Sweeney Todd)

Tinker, the haunted Ghost Orphan of Ravensbreath Castle

Tinker and Toby went to live in old Uncle Parallax's mouldy mansion before finally ending in up workhouse boys. In a way Tinker was glad to be there, even though Uncle and his fossil of a butler were just as mean as the workhouse officers. At least here he could be useful. There was always something to repair; a broken pipe, shredded carpet or window falling off its hinges, he was never short of a task.

Uncle Parallax snores

Tinker felt sad and a tad guilty for his twin, poor Toby who would be upstairs trying his best to keep Uncle from snoring so he could have supper that night. Tinker always saved part of his bread for Toby, just in case.

Red Raven...beware

Tinker continued his fix-it skills even in death, repairing not only bits and bobs around the ruins of Ravensbreath Castle, using some of the tamer coils for tools, but also the children themselves who were losing the ghost flesh from their very bones! He would snip off a strand of tentacle with his giant scissors and make the necessary repair to the child's arm, leg or head. Fortunately in that enchanted world the snakelike appendages regrew, like lizard tails.

Tinker was quite instrumental in helping to preserve the children as the years took their toll. But clearly time was against them.

Tinker the fix-it boy

The ghost children were grateful for Tinker, and Molly who had worms and slugs for friends, enjoyed his company just fine. But not surprisingly, Annabel, Ratgirl and Boo were more likely to come around only when they needed him.

Tinker is well prepared, see his leather pouch in back

Tinker had another talent as well

Tinker with his scissors

He was an inventor.

Tinker's invention

But more about that will have to wait when the rest of Tinker's story is told.


Tinker will haunt you forever




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