Annabel Lee, one of the Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle, Story and Film by M Leigh Allan

Annabel Lee, ghost orphan of Ravensbreath Castle

The Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle are the children of Ravenbreath Island, a story set in a haunted castle in and enchanted world, by M Leigh Allan.

Annabel Lee, Haunted Ghost Orphan of Ravensbreath Castle

Annabel Lee Haunted ghost girl of Ravensbreath Castle

This is the ghost of Annabel Lee

who on her deathday got stuck at thirteen.

her deathday occurred two centuries ago

with Percy, her brother, who's eleven or so.


Annabel Lee thinks she doesn't belong

and does have a talent for doing things wrong

the other ghost children know that it's true

and have plenty of stories they could tell you



Born to a travelling family Annabel's life was carefree and unstructured.


She had her mother's looks, striking talents and peculiar genes, but not her confidence.


Mother and daughter were very close.


One day a sudden and terrible illness did the impossible, it took Annabel's mother away.


There was only Papa and Percy now.

Annabel Lee prowling the halls




Annabel hated the work her father did, an entertainer at garden parties and d├ębutante balls. Momma had been his assistant and would help him with his costumes and makeup, but now the job was Annabel's. And though part of her wanted to help him, most of her wanted to hide.


She had one nice dress and she had to wear it. Compared to the young ladies gliding around in satin and lace she looked shabby and poor. They laughed and pointed at her wild hair. They insulted her bruised knees. Some girls remarked about her handsome father. They called him delicious.

It was all too much.

Annabel and her brother Percy
click the photo to see more of Annabel Lee with brother Percy


No wonder she became moody and obstinate in death as in life, and the older ghost children avoided her.
Only Percy and the little ones saw beyond the gruff facade.

Ghost girl Annabel Lee spent much of her time alone, hanging from the chandelier in the Great Hall


Annabel Lee spent much of her time alone, wandering the ruins of Ravensbreath Castle and dangling from the chandelier in the Great Hall.

haunted spidy



Annabel Lee showing Tinker the dangerous Orgre's eyeball



The power of the Ogre's Eyeball.............


in the hands of an angry Annabel Lee is a dangerous thing. The Ogre's Eyeball was responsible for transforming Gweena Madalaine into a Rat girl.

Annabel and Ratgirl. The result of built up stress and a lot of misguided magic


Though Annabel Lee had no time for Gweena Madalaine, she was not without regret for her terrible action. Though she never let on, the times she saw Ratgirl dancing alone or wandering the castle hallways with her lips sewn jaggedly together and her pink tail dragging slowly across the mouldy stone floors, the pangs of guilt struck her hard as stone and she'd wish the damage could be undone.

But if it could she didn't know how.

Annabel Lee, ghost girl of Ravensbreath Castle

When the Ogre's Eyeball came out no one was safe. Not even Annabel Lee.

Ravensbreath Tower

Their movies

Have you watched Annabel's crazy bogey monster nightmare?

hideous bogey monster in Annabel's nigghtmare

Annabel's nightmare, is a scary, creepy, dopey and stinky peek inside their strange world.

mother stinkbug of Ravensbreath Castle

Annabel's waking days aren't any different than her nightmares.

Singing stinkbugs are common as flies in the ghost orphan's realm.

In the Valley of Slugs down in Ravensbreath dungeon

Here she is taking a shortcut in the dungeon through the Valley of Slugs and hating every minute of it. Unlike little Molly who loves playing in the slime, as long as ghouls aren't performing one of their rituals.

slug of Ravensbreath dungeon

slugs! ugh!

Annabel Lee, haunted Ghost Orphan of Ravensbreath Castle, making trouble, as usual

hideous bogey monster
the bogey monster

the world of the spirit children was a topsy-turvy one.

The world of the spirit children was a topsy-turvy one indeed.

Annabel in Ravensbreath Tower

A very hazy line separates Annabel Lee's nightmares from the world on Ravensbreath Island.

Annabel and Molly to bar the door

But sadly that world will come to an end if something doesn't stop them from fading for good.

(Song 'Not While I'm Around', from Sweeney Todd)
More nonsense from Annabel Lee, this time shared with Toby, Tinker and Molly. It's a musical misunderstanding. Also a word about the Ghost Orphans from a scary man called Mr Oood.
Speaking of Mr Oood., here is a secret page to him.


see the ghosts fading away

Annabel Lee, the haunted ghost girl of Ravensbreath Castle

There is much more to Annabel's story and will be revealed in the ghost orphan's book.

Annabel Lee of Ravensbreath Castle

Annabel Lee will haunt you forever


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