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Movies of magic and imagination from some of Ravensbreath's favourite filmmakers

favourite creepy odd movies of the ghost children

The Little Girl Who Was Forgotten
a dismal tale by Katy Towell.
~ the ghost orphans found this very sad tale nearly as tragic as their own...

Annabel's Nightmare ~ The Bogey Monster of Ravensbreath Castle ~

how wings are attached to the backs of angels - a strange film by craig welch

The Ghost Children's Musical, 'Not While I'm Around' ( from Sweeney Todd) performed by them with their ghost dolls.

Twins Toby and Tinker try to warn Annabel Lee to be wary of the company she keeps, for demons and monsters lurk in the shadows of Ravensbreath Island.

Kara : a PS3 new technology
Mr Oood explains a little of the ghost orphan's tragic tale of fading away in their unseen world. He tells how you, the Living, can help slow their fading and become haunted by them forever.
Molly sings Castle on Cloud (from Les Miserables) to Baby. Also featuring the other Ravensbreath ghost children
Welcome film of the nine ghost orphans in their prison cage with sad music accompanyment from Edward Scissorhands.

One of the ghost children's favourite movies


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