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Haunted Ravensbreath Ghost Jewellery and Trinketity-boos

Snail of Ravensbreath
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Haunted Ghost Jewellery, trinkets & gifts made by the Ravensbreath ghost children for living folk

The Ghost Children Spirit faces
Spirit in the Glass from Ravensbreath

Ravensbreath raven

D for dearestearest Living Friends,

Annabel Lee here. Welcome to our haunted ghost jewellery. You may already know all 9 of us spirit children are fading away. It is the tragic destiny of ghosts who are forgotten. That is why we make dolls and trinkets that you, the Living can own. By your touch and your friendship you slow our fading, giving us more time and more hope to discover a way out of this prison world we’re trapped in, before it’s too late.

Do have a look at our peculiar trinkets. Surely one is right for you. They are quite magical coming from us but I dare say you may not find them terribly pretty. You see, we fashion them from old bits and bobs (dried spider legs and beetle shells) swept from the corners of our mouldy old castle.
And through our handiwork we haunt you forever.

Please take a look at our Spirit in the Glass pendant jewellery or jump down below to our Little (haunted) Bottle of Ghost jewellery. We put a lock of our hair in the wee bottle along with our magic so our spirit is always with you.

Annabel Lee ghost girl

Keep gliding down the page. You'll find special haunted treasures, including drawstring ghost pouchies to keep them in.
And do pardon the tatters and sooty marks on everything. All our materials are very old and my magic Ogre's Eyeball singes everything. I don't know how that happens. But just so you know, the more distressed a piece is the stronger the magic.

Ordering information is on the contact and order page.

ogre's eyeball

Spirit in the Glass necklaces & Spirit in the Glass mini clip-on ghost charms

Haunted ghost 'Spirit in the Glass' pendant necklace and key with handsewn singed drawsting pouch from Ravensbreath
Click here to see Spirit necklace and me Annabel Lee in colour

Email me for prices
Here is one example of our Spirit in the Glass jewellery. The chain of antique gold or bronze is 18-22-inch long. If you would like yours shorter please ask.
There are 9 ghost children to choose from: Annabel Lee, Percy, Molly, Ratgirl, Patch, Toby, Tinker, Baby & BooTo demonstrate I used mine. Annabel's. You can see I placed my face in the antique bronze circle then en-haunted it so it's truly possessed by me. I then sealed my magic under the glass dome so it's very strong. (Pendant measures 25mmx25mm or 1 inch across).

You can gaze into my eyes and I into yours and we can tell each other our deepest secrets.
Look below at our Spirit in the Glass clip-on charms.


<<< Click the Sepia photograph to see a colour close-up of me wearing my necklace.

Spirit in the Glass necklace

Spirit in the Glass necklaces. Wear one and be haunted forever.

Sepia and Colour ghost jewellery

SEPIA or BLOOMIN' DAYLIGHTS (colour) We have two shades of photographs of us. Sepia is how we look as the 200-year-old ghosts we are, but if you prefer us in colour the goblins can pass the photo through their 'bloomin' daylights' contraption. Please choose which type you like.


On the back of the pendant is the logo of Ravensbreath and the date.


Each necklace has a charm. I put a key on mine. Some might have other charms.


Ghost PouchieThe Spirit in the Glass necklace fits inside our handsewn drawsting Ghost pouchie. It is tattered like everything with soot and singe marks from my Ogre's Eyeball.


All our trinkets, gifts and dolls include a special (signed) note card. Email me for prices


mini Spirit in the Glass clip-on charms

Click for large mini Spirit in the Glass haunted charms
Click for close-up


Email me for prices

Perhaps you fancy a smaller Spirit in the Glass. Maybe you're a boy and don't wish your mates to find out you chose to be haunted by a girl such as me, Annabel Lee. You don't have to choose me, you can choose one of the lads or one of the other girls, but I hope you choose me. Our mini clip-on Spirit in the Glass is just what you need. You could clip the lobster clasp on anything you can clip a lobster clasp on.

The mini Spirit charm can also be worn in many ways: as a necklace when attached to some twine or a chain, or clipped on a bracelet, or even an earring. Put it in your hair. That would be jolly good!


Wouldn't our haunted jewellery make lovely gifts for your friends? Then they can be haunted too.

Compare large Spirit with mini spirit charm
Click for large of mini spirit charm, ghost pouchie and singed card
Click for close-up
Notice how much smaller the mini Spirit is next to Patch's necklace pendant? Minis are just over 1/2 inch, (15mm). They aren't even as big as a farthing or a copper penny.
Mini Spirits are very sweet and just as full of our haunting magic.
Mini Spirit in the Glass clip-on charms come with a handmade drawstring ghost pouchie (may be different and larger than one shown) with our Ravensbreath logo, plus a personal card, all singed of course.

You can have your charm in antique bronze or antique silver or even one of each! Let us know what you like.

Molly ghost rocking on a farthing coin

ogre's eyeball

Little (Haunted) Bottle of Ghost

Little (Haunted) Bottle of Ghost jewellery
Haunted ghost bottle


Email me for prices

Now we come to our Little (haunted) Bottle of Ghost jewellery. It's lovely don't you think? Here's what's inside the tiny 1-inch high haunted glass bottles:
ghost ant a lock of hair from your chosen ghost child
ghost ant a (singed) photograph of your ghost child
ghost ant a (singed) message from your ghost child:
'I haunt you forever now', and their name.

ghost snail

haunted bottle of ghost up close

9 ghost children singed haunted photos
These are the photographs that go in the little bottle of ghost


Click to see close up of little haunted bottle of ghost
Click for close-up


Baby with haunted bottle

Our Little (haunted) Bottle of Ghost is a mere 1-inch high (beetle not included). It has a cork stopper. The chain (approx 18-inches) can be either silver, like this one, or antique bronze/gold. You may choose which you prefer. Toggle clasp to match.

All our Ravensbreath Ghost jewellery and trinkets come in a singed drawstring Ghost pouchie made especially for your haunted treasure.

Baby with haunted ghost pouchie


Annabel Lee with haunted bottle of ghostladybug up

Collect all 9 Little Bottle of Ghost jewellery and be haunted forever by us, the ghost orphans of Ravensbreath Castle


(Ratgirl) Gweena Madalaine Haunted Locket

Ratgirl in sepia
Ratgirl in sepia

Email me for prices

Naturally Ratgirl, or should I say Her Royal (pain) Highness Princess Gweena Madalaine (or some such nonsense), had to have something different from the rest us. A locket of herself. But you can have any of us in a locket, if you wish. Even me. Just let us know and we'll make one for you.

You may choose
<< vintage sepia or 'bloomin' daylights' colour >>

2 Tibetan silver heart beads and one fresh water pearl on Gweena's 18-inch long (45cm) chain. Locket is antiqued silver.
Click close up of Ratgirl's locket
Click locket for close-up

Ratgirl in colour

Drawstring Ghost Pouchies

Tinker with a Ravensbreath ghost pouchie

What if you just want is a drawstring Ghost Pouchies to keep your own treasures in?

We can do that, but be warned, they are quite old, stained and sooty and my Ogre's Eyeball has singed them all.

Each pouch has a ghost child's name on it ( your choice) and is dated.

Ghost pouchies are haunted too.

Toby riding a raven with Bechamel the bee flying by
We will haunt you forever
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