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The Ghost Children's Haunted Nursery where we howl and scream and play with our ghost dolls

Ravensbreath Scarytale Theatre presents...

Ravensbreath Ghost Orphans


pick-up walking sticks

Tinker the ghost

It is frightening here, in this non-living place
where the food is disgusting and a dreadful disgrace
Rat guts on toast is good once or twice
but eight days a week is not at all nice.


So sometimes when
we feel lonely or sad
or get a tad angry
or go stark raving mad
we come to the nursery with our ghost dolls in hand
and put on a show to make us feel grand.


We make up stories and sing songs that are true
and put them together to show me and you.
We get very silly and sing out of tune
we have to, you see, to banish our gloom.


So won't you stay and watch us play?
Your presence is what keeps us from fading away.
For no matter what magic we know how to do
we'd have vanished by now if it wasn't for you.



Molly ghost on a farthing



In our Ghostbook please tell do: Which of us you like best & how old are you? (Annabel wants to know, she is so rude) Is there any little titbit you feel you'd care to add? Thank you for writing you made us very glad. the Ghost Orphans

write to us ~ we will haunt you forever


Toby ghost on sette

Tinker flying ghost

Annabel's Nightmare ~ The Bogey Monster of Ravensbreath Castle ~

Annabel Lee ghost girl

Ravensbreath raven

Twins Toby and Tinker try to warn Annabel Lee to be wary of the company she keeps, for demons and monsters lurk in the shadows of Ravensbreath Island.
(Song 'Not While I'm Around', from Sweeney Todd)


Molly's Lullaby to Baby
(Song 'Castle on a Cloud' from Le Miserables)


Ghost Orphan's Welcome film
(music from Edward Scissorhands)

Spidy RavensbreathSpidy Ravensbreath

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