The Ravensbreath Ghost Children's Wardrobe and history, by M Leigh Allan
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Ghost Children's Wardrobe for Ravensbreath

The Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle are the children of Ravenbreath Island, a story set in a haunted castle in and enchanted world, by M Leigh Allan.

the Ravensbreath ghost children's wardrobe

Annabel and Percy in the Wardrobe in their Deathday Suits, the haunted Ghost Dolls of Ravensbreath Castle


Annabel Lee and her brother Percy were the first ghost children revealed and the first to make ghost dolls in their own image.

As you see them in the wardrobe, this is their beginning work.


The Ravensbreth ghost orphans hover between real and unreal which many of you know if you've visited their ghostbook guest book.


They make their clay and cloth ghost dolls for the Living to possess which helps keep them for fading away forever.


Baby the ghost child's bonnet


But they are still fading and it is a tragic affair.


Ghost children shoes



Poor little forgotten souls.


the Ravensbreath Ghost Oprhans shabby clothes


They will haunt you forever




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