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Ravensbreath Ghost Dolls to own and be haunted by forever

The children's handmade Ravensbreath Ghost Dolls come in 2 styles.

Through them they will haunt you forever

(Prices subject to change)

Large ALL CLOTH ghost dolls
£126.00 GPB ($165.00 USD) each.+P&P*
with handmade ghostly travelling sack and personal card - all singed and aged

haunted spiderhaunted spiderhaunted spiderhaunted spiderhaunted spider
Small clay & cloth ghost dolls
£107.00 GPB ($140.00 USD) each.+P&P*
with handmade ghostly travelling sack and personal card - all singed and aged

order info here

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Ladybug and her children......................................Ladybug and her children

Large ALL CLOTH ghost dolls
Around 12-inches for one like Baby (sitting) and Molly, Toby and Tinker.

18-inches tall for Patch the Pirate lad, Percy, Annabel Lee, Ratgirl and Boo.

Handsewn bodies, stuffed, bendable, grunged and singed.

Dressed in handsewn clothes (distressed, grunged, singed).

Hair: Tibetan lamb's wool

Examples of those dolls are on the site.

Small clay & cloth ghost dolls
3 inches for one like Baby, a little bigger for Molly, Tinker and Toby and around 5 to 8 inches tall for Patch the Pirate lad and the other children.

Hand-sculpted head and crudely jointed body made of polymer clay. Handpainted.

Dressed in handsewn clothes (distressed and singed) like the large dolls.

Hair: Tibetan lamb's wool

Examples on the site and in videos.

Annabel Lee clay ghost doll

Ladybug and her children...........................................................

Ravensbreath artwork is signed and dated.
Ravensbreath artwork is haunted by the ghost children.

Ravensbreath Ghost Dolls are lovingly hand-crafted individually for you. They are exclusive copyrighted characters from the book of © Ravensbreath, The Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle, and are for collector's of unusual and unique treasures.
................................................Ladybug and her children

*Write for Postage and Packing in your area
Multiple items combined in postage
Ship to most places worldwide

Painting little ghost doll
2 ghost dolls together
very singed ghost doll
Painting sculpted clay body
Annabel regards Annabel
seriously singed clothing
Annabel ghost doll finished
2 Annabel little ghost dolls together
Annabel ghost doll on her way to haunt her new owner
ghost Annabel complete
the girls have a last chat
off to haunt my owner!


More large Ghost Dolls

Annabel Lee Ghost Doll click here
Ratgirl Ghost Doll, click here
Baby Ghost Doll, click here
Molly Ghost Doll, click here
Tinker Ghost Doll, click here

These are the large cloth ghost dolls. Click to see more about them.
Other cloth dolls available: Percy, Patch, Boo and Toby.


Testimonials from loving ghost doll owners

my doll arrived today and she's just the most perfect thing I've ever seen in my life! couldn't stop shaking when I picked her up, I just adore her! will defiantly be buying from you again.... and soon thanks!!! ♥ ♥

(haunted by Annabel Lee)

I am just so excited to get Annabel Lee and may have to also get all the others in time. I have to tell you she has not left my thoughts since I wrote you last.

Wonderful she's wearing the same clothes I thought she might but just wanted to make sure. :o) Ratgirl will be my next one I think and then baby.

I am so addicted to these dolls I love them so much!! My plan is to own them all eventually lol. hehehehe

CB, Virginia USA
(haunted by Annabel Lee, Baby & Ratgirl, so far)

I wish to order Annabel Lee, Ratgirl and Baby.
I showed my wife your dolls last night and she has to have them.

SL, Virginia USA
(haunted by Annabel Lee, Baby & Ratgirl now, so far)


Hello! I just came across your site and I just wanted to say that I love the dolls. I especially like the Annabel Lee doll. I know you offer a larger ragdoll of her, but is there any possible way I could get a smaller one like the one shown in the video and in the other pictures? I think they are adorable and I just wanted to see if I could get a small one of my own.. :)


I wanted to let you know that I opened Annabel today and she is now free to haunt forever! I cannot tell you how much I already love her! She is just as cute and pretty as in her pictures, just like I knew she would be. I love how detailed she is. You (she has) have really done an amazing job. She is absolutely perfect! I also love the card and the bag that she came with as well. Thank you so much! Annabel is happy as can be in her new home. As for the other children, there is no need to feel jealous. I love all the ghost children. In fact, I would like to someday adopt more of them and have them join me and Annabel here.

(haunted by Annabel Lee)


Love your beautiful dolls. I had a question. what is Annabel lee’s head made out of and are the eyes painted on? Are her hands and legs cloth? How tall is she? Thank you for your time, can’t wait to own one.



I'm so excited Annabel Lee has a new home, can't wait to share!

I've been eyeing her for about 2 yrs now n C got her for me this Christmas. She is everything i thought she would be. She is my inspiration for starting my dolls again, its been too long

LG, Texas USA
(haunted by Annabel Lee)


My daughter absolutely loves her small Annabel Lee doll, she cuddles her and takes very good care of her.  We went out and brought a rocking chair for her to sit on which looks lovely. Annabel sits on the dressing table and my daughter chats to her every morning.
We are very interested in any jewellery you may have and also we are thinking of getting another ghost doll for Christmas time.

S&L, England
(haunted by Annabel Lee)


So, I opened the Box, and they were in that Box so lovely. My Hubby sat there too and we unwrapped each doll, and couldn't believe how wonderful they are. He said how awesome that is made, and I never buy any dolls, but these are perfect...click here for entire lovely comment


I let them out, and I have never seen something so wonderfully done...

R&S, Germany

(haunted by Annabel Lee, Ratgirl & Baby, so far)


Dear Leigh, Annabel Lee and little Molly,

Your ghost dolls have arrived safe and sound here in California :) They were actually here yesterday but sadly no one was home to accept the post at the time ... I felt so guilty!

Now that I have them, I must tell you they are the most charming little ghost dolls I have ever laid eyes on - So lovely with all the little details! I absolutely adore them both :)

Thank you, thank you all so very much!

LV, California USA
(haunted by Molly & Annabel Lee)


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