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Ghost Children of Ravensbreath Castle

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You can tell the ghost children have been haunting the halls and inside the walls of the castle for a very long time by the look of their frayed soiled clothes. And how feasting on rats and creepy crawlies going bump in the night has left its tainted mark.

Not helping at all is Annabel Lee's obsession with singeing everyone's clothes - odd child is Annabel Lee.
But even more than all that is the fact that the orphans are deteriorating rather quickly and after 200 years are nearing their end. They must find a way out of their prison asylum and move on to the next world, otherwise they will simply vanish into nothing ~ alas it is already happening.
How will the ghost orphans be saved and will they be?


Here you see them represented by their handmade ghost dolls


Click on a ghost child's face to visit their room

The family of ghost orphans of Ravensbreath Castle Ratgirl Tinker Annabel Lee Percy Patch Boo Toby Molly Baby Ratgirl Tinker Annabel Lee Percy Patch Boo Toby Molly Baby




they will haunt you forever



Ravensbreath raven



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