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Resumed writing


New short film of story of the Ghost Children




Some little Ghost Dolls made lately. Pix can be seen on their Facebook page.

June 26

Winners of Haunted Ghost Jewellery Announced


Enter our contest to win Haunted Ghost Jewellery

11/ 11/ 2011

Again it has been a long time since we posted news but we have been busy indeed!

Myself and some of the other children have made a little musical with our ghost dolls. I am told the song is called Not While I'm Around (from Sweeney Todd).
After the song, which is quite sweet, a scary man called Mr Oood tells about us our tragic tale and how we are fading away. Also about our ghost dolls and haunted jewellery and more. And about our book being written now. It would probably be more sensible just to watch the movie here. And if you like it or want to chat with us please go to our ghostbook guestbook or our Facebook and say hello. We will reply as soon as possible. Cheer! Head ghost girl, Annabel Lee

Haunted ghost jewellery from Ravensbreath

My goodness it's been everso long since we've put new news and we have lots of new news!

We have a new look to some of our webpages. Eventually we may do the others but haven't time right now. We'd like to hear what you think of the new look. Also we'd just like to hear from you.

We've created new haunted ghost jewellery the living can collect and wear and be haunted by us when they wear it.

Tell us if you like our jewellery too. And don't foreget to say hello in our ghostbook guestbook. Cheer!

Toby ghost child

Happy New Year lovers of ghoulish things and everyone else! It's been a while since we've written, although there's been news aplenty since last April. For one thing the ghost children have made several of their ghost dolls for 'living' people - and that has helped them feel so much better in their lost world of Ravensbreath.
They also thank the lovely people who drop by the website and a BIG BIG thank you to those who leave a message in their ghostbook guestbook. They have replied too!
As for the Ravensbreath writer, she is busy writing the ghost children's story. Still no date for completion but the day will arrive.
Have a great year and please continue to visit the ghost orphans of Ravensbreath Castle.


Hi everyone! You can see the ghost children in the haunted dolls section of the ever so spooky website Haunted America Tours. And while there, if you dare - read about the other scary haunted dolls!! Happy haunting woooo wooooooo!!!!!!!


A new year and alas the ghost children's book is still not finished. But in the meantime Annabel Lee, Molly and occasionally the others write a mesaage and chat to they're living friends on their Ghostbook guest book. If you want to join them there or just see what the chat is about then click here: Ghostbook. Happy haunting.


Ratgirl (Gweena Madalaine) doll - made by ghost orphan Ratgirl herself, is sold and now joins Annabel Lee in America. She is like the cloth Annabel doll mentioned below and on the ghost dolls page, although, as many of you know, she was turned into a rat 'accidentally' by an angry Annabel and her Ogre's Eyeball. So now she sports a pink nose, tail and ears and white hair. And her lips have been sewn shut to stop her saying awful things about Annabel's mother.

All 9 ghost dolls can be ordered and the children will make one for you. Just write and ask for the doll you want. Information is on the ghost dolls page. Creepy haunting all!

Tuesday Mar 27

Made the first ghost doll for sale. Annabel Lee is 18 inches tall. She's a cloth doll made in the Prim style. Distressed and old looking and very special. The original Annabel is a mere 7 inches tall and made of clay and great for appearing in movies. This Annabel has bendy legs and elbows so she can sit on the bed. But also has an invisible string in the back of her head so she can be hung on the wall - a good spot for haunting.
I hope to start the next doll soon and have all 9 available for ownership.

Tuesday Oct 14

Website updated. Spent more time on the site than writing stories.

Annabel's nightmare film coming soon on the story page.

Friday Sept 26

Still updating this website.

Am rewriting quite a bit of the story synopsis which will be posted on the story page as soon as possible. There will also be a two part video of some of the ghost children so you can get to know their quirky personalities better and see how they look.

Mon. June 24

Empire Magazine online review of the 90 second film
Fright For Sale at Ravensbreath Castle

A Tim Burton-esque sense of the macabre pervades Leighx's dotty story, doing it no end of favours. The low-fi animation serves Fright For Sale's overall style well, while its healthy interest in bugs and critters makes for some interesting diversions to its story.

To see the review on the Empire website click here. You can view the other 20 semi-finalist's videos as well.
For Fright For Sale click on it in the list.

Wed. June 18

Motorola DIRECTORME competition Winner - - Beau Fowler, Brotherly Love - view here (The little ghosts can't compete with those standards).

But all is not lost for the rest of us. Empire magazine will be reviewing our films soon and Motorola will be compling all the semi-finanlist's films, both first and second clips, in a vodcast library.

Will post the review when available. Stay tuned.

Tues. June 17 Motorola DIRECTORME competition Result - - Suppose to hear today but nothing.
Mon. June 16 Motorola DIRECTORME competition Judging - - Judges are from Motorola, Ogilvy, FilmLondon, O2, Empire. We wait.
Fri. June 13

Motorola DIRECTORME competition Final - - I uploaded the film Freaky Stinky made using only the MOTO Z10 phone 3 hours before the deadline of midnight of 13th June, on their YouYube channel.

Each finalist had to come up with their own logline this time and I had to think of something fast:

With the stench of defeat permeating their decomposed hearts the Ravensbreath ghost girls discover victory right under their nose. Title: Freaky Stinky. (view here) Not great but had to suffice.

June 7

CONGRATULATIONS! to me! - Motorola DirectorME shortlisted Fright For Sale... film (view here) in the competition with 19 others. We all won the MOTO Z10 mobile phone handset plus a £50 SIM card for plenty of call minutes. The MOTO Z10 not only shoots video and all the other great things phones do, but it also edits so you can make films. That was the next challenge. To make a flim using only the phone and we had one week to do it. The prize was £10,000.

Not a phone savvy person I spent awhile learning the phone, which really isn't bad especially if you know phones already. With a few short days left I made Freaky Stinky (view here) with the phone. Filmed - edited - added voice-over and music - transitions and upload all straight from the phone to YouTube. It is rougher than 'Fright' but not too bad made on a phone.

May 30

Motorola competition- DIRECTORME - for filmmakers to make a short - no more than 90 secs - video using one of their loglines. I chose this one:

It was only when the 'For Sale' sign came down, that they truly understood the horror behind that door.

(Judges include: Motorola, Ogilvy, FilmLondon, O2, Empire

June 22 20 Questions by M Leigh Allan
Hurray! Those spooky folks at Haunted America Tours have invited me to join a host of other intriguing people who are in some way wrapped up in spooky goings on, whether through artwork, ghost hunters, authors of books on the paranormal and much more -check them out. And be sure to check out my page. Hope you enjoy it..
Nov 13 New Ghostly Guest book up. Please come tell us what you think of the Ghost Orphan Dolls and their ghosty story. click here...
Nov 9 Mark Goldberg, a writer for Haunted America Tours has included the Ghost Dolls in a wonderful article called 'Haunted Dolls and Statues and Toys
Nov 9 Eerie desktop wallpaper of the Ravensbreath Dolls artistically created by artist Ricardo Pustanio to download free. more...
Sept 30 The Ghost Orphans of Ravensbreath Castle are featured as a lead story on the Haunted America Tours 'Haunted Dolls' website.


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